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Care and Maintenance


Furniture - A mild liquid soap is highly recommended when you wash your furniture. When applying the touch-up paint, all surfaces must be completely clean and dry. Lightly sanding the area is recommended before apply the touch-up paint if the furniture is scratched down to the bare metal. Allow the paint to dry completely after brushing.


Wood - Periodic application of wood preservative or water sealer is recommended to keep your wood slats looking new and to prevent weathering. Please sand off the clear protective coating before applying the wood preservative or water sealer.


Cast Iron - Apply periodically with furniture wax to protect the powder coat finish. Should the powder coat finish be scratched down to the metal surface, it is necessary to cover the scratched area with touch-up paint as soon as possible to prevent rust.  For the finish with accented top coats are applied by hand and may face with age and exposure to sunlight.  Re-top coating of accents can be done by the local craftsmen, if you desire.


Aluminum – Aluminum is a soft metal. For those products designated as Aluminum, please take care when tightening nuts and bolts.  Excessive pressure can damage or strip the soft metal.


Important Recommendations - Store or cover your product when not in use for certain period of time; check and tighten fasteners periodically as necessary; using automotive caring products on Innova products is not recommended.




How to Keep Water Clean in Outdoor Fountains?


Remove debris such as leaves, feathers and anything else that falls into your fountain. Especially leaves, quickly breeds bacteria, which will cause the water to turn brown and look dirty. Wipe down the fountain. Let the water drain out of your fountain and use a soft brush to clean the interior surfaces of the fountain. Also, clean the pump and change the water frequently. We especially don't recommend to put any chemical cleanser in the water, this might harm the finish of our products.


How to adjust the water flow?


Our pumps all come with a flow rate control that allows you to adjust the water flow in a fountain. You can also adjust the water flow by tighten up/loose the nozzle. Be careful when adjusting, some nozzles are plastic and can be stripped out or broken if too much force is applied. If the part is clogged with debris or it is otherwise necessary to purchase a new one, you can contact us to place the order directly.


Can I purchase replacement parts/slats for my old benches?


We always have replacement parts available for our benches. You can contact us with model # of the bench, and our representatives will be able to place the order for you. If you are unable to find the model # for the bench, please provide us the images of the bench and we can help you to find the information. If you would like to purchase wood slats for your own benches made by other manufacture, please provide us the measurement for the slats.


What's the weight capacity of the benches?


For our Cast Aluminum and Cast iron benches, the weight capacity is 500lbs; and 300lbs for our steel benches.

What does the Cast Iron/ Cast Aluminum construction mean?


Most of our bistro sets, loveseats, birdbaths and fountains are cast iron and cast aluminum consturction. It means they have rust free cast aluminum seat, back, tabletop adn top bowl and with the heavy cast iron leags / posts for stability.

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